Deer Gathering on the Mountain

Finally some deer gathering on the mountain

deer gathering on the mountain

I was starting to become concerned about the deer population on the mountain. There were a few around during the fall rut season but once that was over it seems like I haven’t seen any for a long time. But all of a sudden this month, the herd has been trickling back into the area. So far this month I’ve seen a bunch of does, young bucks and even the Three Amigos. I didn’t get any great pictures of the little herd I saw yesterday, but it was still good to see them finally gathering on the mountain again.

Pretty Mountains and a Boring Sky

Sangre de Cristo Range in Snow

The Sangre de Cristo Range looked magnificent from the overlook, but unfortunately the sky can never match their glory. So then you have a picture with these stunning peaks and a plain blue sky. It reminds me of an ice cream sundae with a topping of water. I’m not a big fan of AI, but many of my competitors on Fine Art America are using it so in order to compete there are times when I need to join them. I had arrived just after sunrise so a sky replacement with sunrise clouds seemed like it might be a good prospect.

A little fiddling with the Photoshop sky replacement filter scale slider to make the size of the clouds look just right and I was happy with the result. This picture would never sell by itself against the AI renditions created by my competitors, but with this sky I have a fighting chance! You can purchase your own copy of this image on my artist website at! Also please consider joining our new Facebook group called the “Wildlife of the Pikes Peak Region“!

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