Weird WordPress Problems

Fixing Weird WordPress Problems

I’ve had quite a morning struggling with my WordPress site trying to fix weird WordPress problems. The odyssey began with the cursor jumping to the top of the page. Also if  block focus is turned on the cursor might jump to the top of the block. That’s when I discovered that my “Publish” theme was no longer supported so I upgraded my theme to “Independent Publisher 2.” That went fairly smoothly except I couldn’t get the new header image to work. After a couple of hours I learned that you have to uncheck “display featured image” for your web pages so that the header image can load. I left the featured image checked for posts so we will soon see how that works out.

Fixing the Jumping Cursor

That still didn’t fix the jumping cursor problem, an error that seems to be vexing many. I read about a ton of solutions on the forums, none of which worked. I don’t know if I saw a hint of it somewhere or if I just happened to think about it, but it occurred to me that my paragraphs might be too long. The Yoast plugin seemed to think so anyway. At first that seemed to be the solution but eventually it turned out not to be so. As it turns out I had the right answer, but the wrong solution. It wasn’t the paragraph length causing the problem, but the block length. When using the Classic Block it seems to  be good practice not to put too many words into the block. Now I’m trying to limit myself to one paragraph per block to see if that works better.

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A New Website

So anyway, I hope you enjoy my new website with the “Independent Publisher 2” theme! It wasn’t easy to get the upgrade done but I’m happy I did it!


To top the morning off, it appears I have about a foot of snow to shovel 🙁

weird wordpress problems and snow

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