Great Eagle Sightings

Bald Eagle in Eleven Mile CanyonPhotographing Bald Eagles in Eleven Mile Canyon Colorado

Had another opportunity photographing bald Eagles in Eleven Mile Canyon Colorado today and made the best of it. I got there a bit late but luckily the eagles were still hanging around. Speckles was resting on the best tree in the whole canyon when I carefully pulled up for the shot. Luckily he remained in place for a few seconds so I could get a nice portrait of him before he headed upstream. Luckily I was able to capture a few in flight as well before he flew around the narrow rocky opening that marks the end of the bend’s clearing.

Spotting the First Eagle

One of our nesting eagles was at the other big clearing toward the entrance and I got a nice portrait of him too. Unfortunately he was comfortable on his perch out of the wind on the other side of the stream and had little intention of moving! I had to get going so I was unable to capture him in flight.

Animal Tracking with the Canon R7

Also today I finally decided all the people who are saying to turn off animal tracking or eye focus in the Canon R7 are probably not using it right. The two features work together to assure that the camera doesn’t just find a tree that it wants to focus on so I changed my defaults on all my custom function buttons to include both of those settings.

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Elk Herd on a Beautiful Rocky Mountain Evening

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