Pixel Art

I’ve been encountering a lot of confusion lately regarding what exactly to do with the Pixels.com landing page, so I thought maybe this morning I would write a little how to blog for purchasing my art there.

Deer-TrioMost of you probably just see the announcement and preview when I post a picture, and may not even be aware that the image is for sale! I can tell that because I get a lot of likes and comments on Facebook but don’t see the corresponding visit on the Pixels.com visitor log. Furthermore, the preview shown on Facebook and Twitter has usually cropped the picture extensively so that viewers are not even getting to see the entire picture.

When you see one of my images appear on Facebook, please click on it to bring up the entire image. That will display a larger and much clearer high quality view of the scene, such as this picture of a herd of deer. On the right side are purchase options, which include various print surfaces with many size options, and novelty items that can be selected. Prints are available on canvas, acrylic and metal museum quality materials. The canvas prints are printed onto  “premium canvases and then stretched on a wooden frame of 1.5″ x 1.5″ stretcher bars (gallery wrap) or 5/8″ x 5/8″ stretcher bars (museum wrap)”.

Metal prints are “printed directly onto a sheet of 1/16″ thick aluminum. The aluminum sheet is offset from the wall by a 3/4″ thick wooden frame which is attached to the back (see below). The high gloss of the aluminum sheet complements the rich colors of any image to produce stunning results.”.

Acrylic prints are similar to metal prints and are “printed directly onto the back of a 1/4″ thick sheet of clear acrylic. The high gloss of the acrylic sheet complements the rich colors of any image”.

Framed prints are also available and the site will help you select and visualize a frame for the picture you are interested in and you can also purchase a print and have it shipped in a tube if you want to select your own frame or backing.

Beautiful customized greeting cards are available as well and make for wonderful holiday cards. I have many amazing Colorado mountain winter and wildlife images that are perfect for Christmas cards and many other occasions. Why turn your money over to an international corporation and some fat cat CEO when you can purchase from a local artist? Cards are available individually and as a set.

From an image announcement on Facebook or Twitter, you can also navigate to the main landing page on the site by simply clicking the artist profile button at the bottom of the picture preview. Once on the main site you can select the images or galleries buttons. The images display shows all the individual images starting with recently added art while the gallery option shows the images in groups to help you go directly to the type of art you are looking for, such as Wildlife, or Sports.

Also available for purchase are many novelty items, including phone cases, shower curtains, pillow cases, t-shirts, handbags, duvet cases and more. Once again, when you are getting ready to go down to the local large corporation to purchase art for your home or office, I urge you to instead shop locally to help out a local artist instead of an international corporation and rich CEO.




Best of the Best

My Alamy stock image portfolio doesn’t get a lot of attention in my pages, perhaps because it is the smallest of my image portfolios. But I’m thinking it should get more love! I have been with Alamy for nearly a decade now, and during that time I have carefully selected only the best images from each photo shoot to place there. So although I only have a few over one thousand images there, they are the cream of the crop.

And that’s not the only reason my clients might want to purchase stock imagery from the Alamy agency. As one of the oldest digital image pioneers, Alamy is also the most fair to photographers, paying the highest commissions of any of the major players. In addition, Alamy is also a major contributor to charity, helping to find a cure for cancer. Alamy was founded in 1999 James West, along with his uncle Mike Fischer, who “By this time was also involved in research: medical and education. So the agreement was that in lieu of dividends for the major shareholders, payments would be invested into Mike’s medical research charity. A charity which is investigating and, hopefully, developing vaccines against cancer.”.

My contract with another agency states that if I submit an image there and it gets rejected the image cannot be used anywhere else for any other reason. So for each photo shoot, I look through the images and look for the best and most unique and I ask myself a question, “Will I lose sleep if this one gets rejected and taken out of circulation?” If the answer is yes and the exposure is of the exceptionally high standard required by the Alamy editors, I will submit it to Alamy instead of another place where it is more likely to have a high volume of low priced sales.

So if you want to take a tour through my cream of the crop over the last decade, please have a look at my Alamy image portfolio! And if you are a stock buyer, I urge you to look with an eye cast towards your next advertising or publishing campaign!

Sports and Recreation

InclineYesterday started out too cold and sloppy to immediately run out and enjoy the first clear skies in what seems like forever, so I continued to ponder ways of making my pages and sites easier to negotiate. I noticed right away that my main photography page still has way too many non-photography related posts, mostly regarding sports.

Earlier in the year I had created special pages for wedding and model and portrait photography as well as a page for wildlife advocacy. Now it seems is a good time to have a special page for the growing number of posts about all the outdoor sports and recreation activities I continually find fascinating!

So yesterday was the day that S. W. Krull Sports was born! I’m very excited about the possibilities for this community page as it will provide a place for friends and fans of sports to interact and talk about their favorite events and accomplishments! The page participation is growing quickly with already over 50 likes in one day and I’m looking forward to a bright future for all the amazing activities available under the sun for energetic outdoor loving people and athletes!

Life’s a Beach

The nightmare week of snow is finally over with, the sun is shining and it appears spring may be trying to make a comeback. I have to say, it was not a pleasant week, the snow was wet and sticky, horrible for snowshoes or ice trekkers. The colors were too dull and gray for anything but black and white pictures and the fog and snow removed any semblance of contrast from the landscape. I did venture out a couple of times to see if I could find the wildlife and a brief encounter yesterday did yield a not too impressive image of a deer herd that looked a bit curious as to why a human would be out in that mess.

Beach-Walk-2.jpgThe time was not wasted though, I took the bad weather opportunity to scan some prints of models that I had previously produced and uploaded them as prints and Rights Managed Stock on Pixels.com. It was an enjoyable journey through better times as I looked through my portfolio for the best images to scan. Life seemed easier then, summers longer, springs much more pleasant. Each image I reviewed held a story, a moment of fun, joy and a testament to good times. Unfortunately in the chaos of our cancer battle waged over the last few years I have lost track of my model friends that I worked with to create these images. Prior to FAA it was a real struggle to market these images, which is how they wound up in a box in the first place, but I’m sure they would get a kick out of seeing them published now!

So this morning in the pre dawn chill I have uploaded a few more to my FAA and Pixels.com site, but it is warming up quickly outside now and I will need to give some thought to other activities. Don’t think the melting snow and mud will make for very good hiking, but it might be a nice day to go to the gym for an indoor workout as I prepare for a spring and summer assault on higher ground not accessible in the dead of winter! Last year after an entire year of inactivity I was not ready for the higher elevations until fall. This year I am hoping for a much more active summer 🙂