Sitting here at Starbuck's in Englewood passing the time until lunch and thinking about how far I've come since that fateful day last March. I am amazed at how many things had fallen into disrepair and neglect from the battle we were forced to fight against Tricia's cancer. Almost three months have gone by and … Continue reading Order

Back to the Future

Back to the Future These trips to Denver are really messing with my head. Up until now, my life has been neatly divided into distinct periods of time mostly based on jobs or accomplishments. Thus was my move to the mountains and the start of my nature stock photography endeavor. Tricia's passing has of course … Continue reading Back to the Future

Catching Up

Looks like I'm getting a bit behind with my writing. Summer brings so many opportunities for activities that it is difficult to keep up with the writing about them! As the snow melts, there are new trails to explore, festivals to attend, sporting events to cover, not to mention daily activities made so much more … Continue reading Catching Up