Beautiful morning following yesterdays storms. As I opened my eyes I could see golden light streaming through the autumn color of the aspen trees outside and smell the scent of pine in the gentle breeze coming through the open window. A whole flock of sparrows and finches made a pit stop in our tree this … Continue reading Confusion

Autumnal Equinox

Autumn, my favorite time of year in the mountains. Today is the day that the sun passes the equator on it's journey south for the winter, officially know as the autumnal equinox. In Colorado it's the time of year that the rainstorms decrease in frequency and the leaves begin to take on autumn gold. In … Continue reading Autumnal Equinox


A beautiful morning this Friday, and a perfect day for Jill Howard to head to Utah for her valiant attempt at a Boston Marathon qualifying time in the Top of Utah Marathon. As I had mentioned in an earlier blog I was going to step out of my comfort zone in my Examiner reporting role … Continue reading Irony


Steve Krull Profile

S. W. Krull Imaging got off to an exciting start today. Got an email from the Examiner telling me that I have achieved "newsworthy" status. I have finally published enough articles considered newsworthy to upgrade my account status. What it means to me is that my articles are eligible to be promoted by the Examiner. … Continue reading Newsworthy

End of Summer

The Labor Day weekend is a bittersweet time where I live, especially the Monday holiday. It is unofficial end of summer and the highway through town will be jammed with cars and pickups pulling camper trailers. Thousands will stream out of the mountains to head back to their homes in the cities and plains of … Continue reading End of Summer